Periodically I will offer some reflective thoughts with you here in my blog. I hope that they will encourage you on the journey. At the end of each entry, I’ll include an invitation for you to engage with Jesus based on what I’ve shared.

A Reminder to “Be” with God

As I sat in my armchair, with rain lightly falling outside, and my pastor’s face streaming on my laptop, I was captured by the cooing of a dove outside of my window this Palm Sunday morning. The presence of doves near my apartment is increasing now that we have been [...]

An Invitation during COVID-19 Quarantine

COVID-19 has impacted all of us. Many of the things that bring structure to our lives, like going to work, the gym, school, or going out to eat with friends, have now been disrupted as we follow safer-at-home orders. As the pandemic unfolded, we had little time to prepare and [...]